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Top Reasons to Choose SVG Centre of Excellence PU college in Mysore 

Top Reasons to Choose SVG Centre of Excellence PU college in Mysore

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College is regarded as one of the best colleges in Mysore. The college is not only known for its exemplary performance in academics but also known for its holistic approach to education. The SVG PU College in Mysore has won accolades when it comes to education and performance in co-scholastic activities.

The students of SVG PU college are known for their strong academic foundation and deep rooted values embedded in society.

SVG PU College is a premiere institution recognized as one of the top 5 PU Colleges in Mysore. From creating a definite path to successful careers and instilling moral ethics among the students, the college is highly recommended among the education circles.

The college has been in the forefront when it comes to offering the most advanced educational facilities to students. Students from various states travel far to seek admission in one of the most prestigious PU colleges in Mysore. Here are the reasons to choose SVG Centre of Excellence PU College for your Pre University education.


Successfully managed and run by the SVG Educational Foundation, the core aim of the college is to provide the best and most advanced education to the students.

The SVG PU College charges a nominal fee for the admission of students into its Pre University courses. The college does not seek to make profits from the admission of deserving candidates.

Course curriculum

The curriculum of the Pre University Courses in the college have been carefully curated to focus on the educational advancements of the students. Regarded as one of the top 10 PU colleges in Mysore for science, the SVG PU College has an exclusive PU program in place.

The college offers popular courses in science and commerce


Exhaustive preparation

The college is known to be one of the most advanced PU colleges in Mysore, with the focus on preparing students for higher education and career centric paths.

Holistic approach

The college follows a unique holistic approach to education. Students are moulded to become confident, responsible and reflective citizens of the future.

Integrated coaching

SVG PU College offers state of the art integrated coaching programs for science and commerce. The integrated coaching programs are conducted keeping in mind the approaching Pre University board examinations.

The science integrated coaching programs include exhaustive coaching for NEET/CET/ JEE/ KVPY. The college offers long term coaching for NEET repeaters.

The commerce integrated coaching includes coaching for CA Foundation.

Diploma course for commerce students

As one of the top 5 PU colleges in Mysore, the college offers, in a first of its kind, a Diploma for Advanced Financial Accounting for students in the Pre university commerce course.

The diploma for Advanced Financial Accounting is in collaboration with C-DAC, a premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.

Stimulating environment

The SVG PU campus provides a stimulating, competitive and encouraging atmosphere for learning. The library in the college has a range of captivating and informative books. Students are encouraged to borrow books from the library to augment their learning capacity.

Teaching faculty and guest lecturers

The teaching faculty at SVG PU college are eminent personalities in their field. All teachers are highly qualified with years of teaching experience. All teachers are supported throughout the year with professional development courses, training and online resources

Modern residential facilities

As one of the best residential PU colleges in Mysore, the SVG PU College offers modern and futuristic hostel facilities for students. The hostels are well furnished and have the best facilities and amenities.

The hostels provide a home away from home atmosphere for students. There are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.

Student centric

SVG PU college follows a student centric approach. All students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year. Students who have graduated from college are now successfully placed in some of the top colleges in India and around the world. The foundation provided to the students at SVG PU College is incomparable.


SVG Pre university college is one of the leading PU colleges in Mysore. The academic performance of SVG PU college graduates over the years has been an encouraging factor for students seeking admission to college.

With an exhaustive and stimulating curriculum, SVG PU college stands apart from its peer institutions. For college inquiries and admission contact now.

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