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Best PU Course for Higher Education in Mysore 

Best PU Course for Higher Education in Mysore

SVG is one of the PU colleges in Mysore for Science and commerce is regarded as the best colleges in Mysore. The college offers top courses to students. The college boasts of highly qualified faculty and world class infrastructure.

Best Science PU College in Mysore

Regarded as one of the top PU science colleges in Mysore, the SVG College offers courses in PCMB and PCMC.


Students opting for the PCMB course take up Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. SVG PU science college in Mysore offers a carefully curated PCMB course to students. The course focuses on practical training to students while at the same time, giving students theoretical knowledge on the subject concepts.

On the successful completion of the two year PCMB course, these students are eligible to take up higher degree courses in a number of branches. Below, we have enumerated the courses that students can opt for after completing PUC in PCMB

  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemical engineering
  • Genetic engineering
  • Bio instrumentation
  • Biochemical engineering
  • Bachelor in food technology
  • Bachelor in Environmental engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Micro biology
  • Botany
  • Zoology among other courses


The SVG PU college for science in Mysore also offers courses in PCMC. Students pursuing PCMC will be studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science.

The PCMC courses in the college is a popular course among students in Mysore. Students who pursue PCMC would have to forgo the medical profession and pursue a higher degree in any other branch of science.

On completing the PCMC courses students have a wide choice of options

  • Engineering in any field
  • BSc
  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Aviation industry and much more.

The SVG PU college in Mysore for science offers integrated coaching along with the Pre University courses. These integrated coaching classes offer first class training to students to appear for competitive examinations for the top degree courses in the country.

SVG PU science college in Mysore offers coaching for CET/ UPSC/ JEE/ NEET. The integrated coaching classes in the college are highly regarded with a good percentage of students qualifying for the top colleges in India.

Best Commerce PU College in Mysore

The SVG PU college in Mysore for commerce and science is also known for its commerce courses. For students who wish to pursue a career in commerce, the SVG PU College is known as one of the Best Commerce Colleges in Mysore.

The college offers the most popular courses in commerce. The teaching staff are well trained with years of experience in the field.


Students pursuing this commerce course will be studying Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Computers. The course is popular as students have a range of options available after the completion of the course. While students pursuing EBAS will pursue Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Statistics.

SVG is known as one of the top PU Colleges in Mysore for commerce. With infrastructure and amenities that are world class comparable, the college offers the best courses with all the built in requirements. The college follows a holistic approach to ensure the high calibre of students who graduate from the college.

On completion of the commerce course, students have many options for degree courses in the country

  • BCom
  • BBA
  • CA
  • CS
  • BCA
  • BA Economics
  • LLB
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
  • Cost and Management Accountant among other courses

The commerce course in the SVG PU College for Commerce in Mysore offers a unique, first of its kind Diploma course in Advanced Financial Accounting and CA Foundation. The SVG PU College is one of the first colleges in the state to offer this Diploma course to students while pursuing their Pre University commerce course.


The SVG PU college of science and commerce in Mysore is hailed as one of the best because of its highly qualified teaching faculty and well trained college staff. The college is one of the best in Mysore and is strategically located.

Easily accessible by public transport, the college is located within the city limits but away from the bustling sounds of the busy city of Mysore. The college campus provides a serene atmosphere and is regarded as a safe campus for students and faculty.

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