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Top Level Coaching for NEET/JEE/CET in Mysore

Top Level Coaching for NEETJEECET in Mysore

SVG Centre of Excellence PU college in Mysore is known for its academic excellence and holistic approach. The college was established in 2013 by the SVG Educational Foundation and has been offering the best academic and co scholastic infrastructure to students.

Apart from the carefully curated Pre university courses, the college offers integrated coaching in NEET/ JEE/ CET. The coaching centres at SVG PU College are known for its comprehensive curriculum and state of the art teaching facilities. Many students graduated from the pre university integrated courses at SVG are proud toppers with All India Ranks in NEET and JEE.

We take profound interest in the academic performance of our students. We mould them into becoming young achievers and contributing citizens of the country. Our all inclusive syllabus has been appreciated by eminent personalities in the education field.

Over the years, we have emerged as one of the leading science PU colleges in Mysore, offering state of the art coaching for NEET/ JEE and CET.

NEET Coaching in Mysore

The NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST | NEET | India is an All India eligibility test for medical aspirants in the country. The NEET examination is conducted by the National Testing Agency which was established by Ministry of Education, Government of India.  The National Testing Agency will conduct the NEET examination to test the competence of students who aspire to pursue a degree in the medical field.

As the NEET examination is a single level national examination, students will be competing for ranks from amongst 8 to 10 lakh participants. Without a comprehensive coaching program, achieving a suitable rank may seem a bit far fetched.

At SVG PU College, we realize the aspirations and dreams of our science students to contribute to the medical fraternity. For this purpose, we have designed an integrated coaching program for NEET aspirants.

The NEET coaching centre in Mysore SVG PU College is known to offer an all inclusive curriculum that aims at securing near perfect scores in the PU board examinations along with All India Ranks in NEET.

In order to provide the best NEET coaching in Mysore, SVG PU college has made ample provisions for NEET coaching with hostels facilities. The college offers residential coaching for NEET aspirants.

Through the residential coaching for NEET program, students are able to spend more time on the coaching and concentrate on the curriculum within the college campus.

JEE Coaching in Mysore

Known as one of the top JEE coaching centres in Mysore, the SVG PU College offers integrated coaching for JEE or the Joint Entrance examinations for admission into various engineering colleges in the country.

The examination seeks to offer seats to aspiring engineering students for Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology and other Government funded Institutes.

Over 12 lakh candidates appear for the JEE examinations every year. Out of this number, only around 2.24 lakh students will secure a rank. Based on the rank students will be eligible to join one of the various allotted engineering seats.

As the JEE entrance examination is one of the most competitive examinations in the country, SVG PU College has developed a thorough programme for JEE coaching in Mysore that offers comprehensive and rigorous training to students.

Our integrated program includes an extensive curriculum taught by highly qualified professors and lecturers who have years of experience in the field. Our integrated JEE coaching in Mysore has far reaching consequences in the world of engineering and education.

CET Coaching in Mysore

Known for our integrated courses in CET coaching, the SVG PU college has carved a niche for itself when it comes to student ranks in competitive examinations. The college offers coaching for CET which is a Common Entrance Test for aspirants seeking admissions in various engineering colleges all over the state of Karnataka.

At SVG PU College, we adopt an in depth curriculum that includes coaching for the PU Board examinations along with the best CET coaching in Mysore. Students of SVG PU college boast of high ranks among the 1.50 lakh student participants in the CET examinations.


Over the years, SVG Centre of Excellence PU College has carved a name of quality education for itself when it comes to students performance in competitive examinations. The college is regarded as the best coaching centre for NEET, JEE and CET in Mysore.

Our encyclopaedic curriculum along with our hands-on practical training has allowed students to secure high ranks at the All India Competitive level. For first class results in NEET, JEE and CET trust only SVG PU College Mysore.

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