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Best 10 PU Colleges in Mysore

In the present fast-growing, dynamic world where opportunities are multifarious, umpteen number of avenues are made available, academic excellence becomes a mandatory pre-requisite in any given field. This mandate then presents before one, the onus of garnering remarkable academic excellence.

Thereby, the decision to pick out a career option, academic stream and most of all, a perfect college to set the foundations becomes inevitable. Known for high academic standards, best-in-class infrastructure, qualified teachers and trainers and unique pedagogical practices, PU colleges in Mysore are indeed famous far and wide.

All equipped with competitive syllabi, continuous and comprehensive testing patterns, integrated coaching packages, the best PU colleges in Mysore offer much more than just academic excellence.

The overall development is the crucial factor that makes these institutions stand out from the rest and garners applicants from far and wide. When one talks of PU education, PU colleges in Mysore are the first thing that one can think of.

List of Best Mysore PU Colleges

Here is the list of the top and best PU colleges in Mysore, Karnataka.

  • SVG Centre of Excellence PU College
  • St. Joseph’s Pre-University College
  • Seshadripuram Independent Pre‑University College
  • Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College
  • St. Philomena’s College
  • BGS PU College Mysore
  • Vidya Vikas PU College Mysore
  • JSS PU College Mysore
  • Sri Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta, MASVS Independent Science PU College
  • Marimallappa PU College Mysore

1. SVG Centre of Excellence PU College


SVG Centre of Excellence PU College, established in 2013, is hailed as one of the best PU colleges in Mysore owing to its motto of shaping responsible, academically excellent, and socially competent students. The college with the potential to make a difference is thus, the most sought-after among top PU colleges in Mysore.

Within a very short span post establishment, SVG Centre of Excellence PU College has aimed high and achieved big. With each passing year, the number of students enrolling in the institution from far and wide is only increasing.


Course offers by SVG Pre-University College.



PCMB: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

EBAC: Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science

PCMC: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

with integrated NEET and IIT JEE coaching

EBAS: Economics, Business Studies Accountancy, Statistics.

with two-year integrated Diploma for Advanced Financial Accounting in supervision with C-DAC, a R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India and coaching for CA Foundation Level 1.

Contact number

+91 96327 77519

+91 88848 49819



Additionally, SVG PU College offers

UPSC coaching for both residential and non-residential students.

Residential facilities for long-term NEET examination

SVG PU Institute Highlights

·         A conducive and nourishing atmosphere to help students discover their full potential.

·         All round knowledge enrichment for students with a proportionate student-teacher ratio.

·         The modern approach, advanced educational tools, and lasting, impactful knowledge making it one of the top-notch PU colleges in Mysore.

·         Unique diploma certificate for students participating in Advanced Financial Accounting course while pursuing PU in Commerce.

·         Integrated coaching with competitive and trained faculty so that students may secure ranks and excellent scores at the national level.

·         State-of-the-art teaching aids, highly qualified staff, experienced guest lecturers, audio-visual aids, modern pedagogical practices, and well-planned curriculum.

·         Auditorium with large seating capacity, well-finished library with a comprehensive collection of books, journals, periodicals, reference, and study materials.

·         Hospitable, safe, and comfortable residential facilities for both boys and girls making it one of the best PU colleges in Mysore with a hostel.


·         Nutritious, subsidized, and healthy mess food facilities.

·         Safe and responsible college transportation facilities.

·         Well-equipped IT lab, modern computer machines and high-speed internet connectivity.

·         Well-designed laboratories consisting of infrastructure and equipment as per the requirements of the state board and curriculum.

·         Safe and secure campus with 24-hour surveillance and effective anti-ragging policy.

·         History of having mentored hundreds of students who have emerged successful in competitive examinations with remarkable scores and ranks.

·         Residential facilities for long-term NEET examination repeaters to provide best coaching and training.

·         Indoor and outdoor sports arena situated around a large campus.


For Admission in SVG

2. St. Joseph’s Pre-University College

One of the best PU colleges in Mysore, known for its rich legacy and tradition of faith, toil, and holistic concern of the development of students, the college functions on the motto of loyalty, love, and service.

The uniqueness of St. Joseph’s Pre-University College makes it one of the top-notch institutes in the list of top PU colleges in Mysore, is the excellence, discipline and value-base education imparted, innovative teaching methodology and academic programs, infrastructure, modern classrooms, career guidance, periodic inputs from subject experts, extra-curricular and value-based education.

Courses of St. Joseph’s Pre-University College



PCMB : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

BASC: Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics and Computer Science

PCMC : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science.

HEBA: History, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy

Contact number

(0821) – 2510373



Highlights of St. Joseph’s Pre-University College

·         NEET/ JEE coaching

·         KCET coaching

·         Scholarship

·         Parents Teacher’s meeting

·         Student counselling

·         Student mentoring.

·         Student friendly staff

·         Environment Day

·         EcoClub.

·         Seminars


·         Orientation Day

·         Student Resource. Development

·         Drama shows

·         Christmas carols

·         Canteen

·         Indoor & Outdoor games

·         Efficient house keeping


3. Seshadripuram Independent Pre‑University College

Seshadripuram Independent Pre‑University College PU College, one of the best PU colleges in Mysore, aims to shape and mould its students into responsible, morally upright, and hardworking members of society. Imparting culture, a strong value base and academic excellence is the primary motto of the institution.

Aiming to capture the skies, perfection in academic excellence is what makes Seshadripuram Independent Pre‑University College stand out from the rest, thereby, making a mark among the top PU colleges in Mysore. Established in 2006, the college through its excellent overall performance has entered the list of top PU colleges in Mysore.

Courses Seshadripuram Independent Pre‑University College offer



Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Economics, Computer Science, Business Studies, Accountancy

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer


Basic Maths, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Contact number




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4. Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College

Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College established in 1999, dating back to its institutional inception in 1854, has successfully disseminated knowledge to a plethora of students over the years. The motto of the college is youth-strength or nation-building, Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College has built a brand name for itself.

Occupying a permanent place in the list of top PU colleges in Mysore, colossal, holistic, academic legacy is the other name for this college. The alma mater of countless achievers be it in the field of science, commerce, arts, humanities, sports, and much more, the tireless efforts, ceaseless opportunities, and unique pedagogical practices make this college a dream for many.

The Sat+Vidya philosophy of the college aims to shun away inhibitions, build confidence, rational reasoning, creative expression, and self-consciousness, and impart holistic education making it one of the top PU colleges in Mysore.

Courses we offer in Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College



PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

PCME(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics)

PCMCS(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science)




Contact number

0821 – 2304926



Highlights of Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College

·         Classrooms with interactive LED displays that are tech-savvy.

·         All students are given study materials for board exams and competitive exams including CET, NEET, COMED-K, and JEE-M.

·         Videos broken down per chapter are accessible at, the college website.

·         For both the I and II year students, experienced and dedicated instructors as well as subject matter experts from different parts of Karnataka are asked to provide CET/NEET/COMED-K/JEE-M coaching.

·         NEET, CET, COMED-K, JEE-M coaching throughout the time that colleges are open.

·         Professors on visiting assignments from around the state.

·         Exams and test, both online and offline.

·         Career counseling from subject matter specialists.

·         Stylish, well-stocked laboratory.


·         Large library with around 7,000 volumes.

·         A 250-person audio-visual room is available.

·         600 pupils in a prayer hall.

·         Both outdoor and indoor gaming spaces.

·         A tasty, wholesome, and clean lunch.

·         Facilities for filtered and pure drinking water.

·         Boys’ and girls’ restrooms that are kept up and in good condition.

·         A college transportation service for student pickup and drop-off.

·         Parents were made aware of the absences.

·         Frequent conferences between parents and teachers.

·         Several exams and tests are followed by documentation, a ranking list, and assessment.

·         Scanners evaluate OMR sheets, and a rank list is produced following each exam or test.

5. St. Philomeana Pu College

St. Philomena’s College established in 1946 as a way of manifesting Bishop’s and Maharaja’s dream, has multiplied manifold, and become a great name in the field of PU colleges in Mysore. The best part about the college is its readiness to reinvent itself to fit the changes of the everchanging, dynamic world.

There is tradition coupled with the modern, older ways retained yet newer ways adopted, contemporary challenges taken up, state-of-the-art infrastructure established. The college is absolutely dynamic in its functioning, extremely accommodating and aims only at excellence and holistic development.

St. Philomeana Pu College Courses 




Integrated courses

PCMB : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

PCMC : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

PCME : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics

PCBH : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science

BEGA : Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Accountancy

BASC : Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics, Computer Science

HEGP : History, Economics, Geography, Political Science

HESP : History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science

Medical Stream and Engineering Stream

PUC + CET (Optional)

Contact number




Highlights of St. Philomeana Pu College

·         FACULTY


·         LIBRARY

·         HOSTEL





·         ATTENDANCE



·         CAFETERIA

·         TRANSPORT




SVG Center of Excellence PU College, however, is considered the premier institute of education and one of the renowned PU colleges in Mysore that provides the best education, infrastructure, quality training and student development. A great coaching centre for NEET, and IIT JEE, students opt for this college as it is all good things under one roof.

For students with a zeal to achieve, a scientific mind, inclination to learn and grow, SVG Center of Excellence PU College tops the list of top PU colleges in Mysore. Owing to the advanced and competent coaching facilities and quality education, SVG Center of Excellence PU College has become the foremost choice for many.

The best part that stands out from the rest is the kind of effort, heart, and soul the trainers and lecturers put into making students excellent be it in studies or in the journey of life.  So, if one is worried and looking for the best PU college in Mysore, the search ends at SVG Center of Excellence PU College.

Students in large numbers enroll themselves here every year as well as opt for the residential facilities available. It is also thus, one of the best PU colleges in Mysore with a hostel. Those aiming to achieve academic excellence, competitive ranks, and scores in NEET and IIT JEE, must go enroll themselves in the best PU college in Mysore, SVG Center of Excellence PU College.

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