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Which is the Best College for NEET in Mysore 2024

Imagine yourself wearing that white laboratory coat, with a stethoscope around your neck, attending to patients. It feels so peaceful, right? Every child who aspires to be a doctor dreams about this day. They study hard. They even make sacrifices to set foot in the noble world of medicine. Every year millions of students across the world embark on their journey to save life.

Brief overview of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)

An Indian must clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to pursue medicine in India and abroad. This examination is conducted by the National Testing Agency, once a year. Here is a list of courses you are eligible for if you pass NEET.

List of courses you can study after clearing NEET



Ayush Courses

The following colleges admit students based on their NEET results.

List of colleges

Number of Colleges

Medical colleges


Dental colleges




BVSc and AH colleges


Importance of choosing the right PU college for NEET in Mysore

To realize their dream of becoming a health worker, lakhs of students sit for NEET exams every year in India. However, given the difficulty of the tests, only a small fraction of them qualify. The NEET data for 2023 shows that in 2023 the success rate of the NEET exam was 47.568%.

best PU college for NEET

The data makes it quite evident that clearing NEET is tough. Students often find it difficult to complete the syllabus and answer all questions. But, do not worry. With the right guidance and preparation, passing NEET can be easier than you think. Enrolling in the best university in 2024 for NEET will help you stay one step ahead of others. The experienced faculties, proven teaching techniques, structured guidelines, and study materials will pave your path to success.

Focus on Mysore as a location for PU colleges

NEET exam centers 2024 will be set up in around 29 cities in Karnataka (including Mysore). Around 122423 students sat for NEET from the state of Karnataka in 2023. Thanks to the guidance of top PU colleges in the state, the success rate was 59.030%. Mysore is the home to several top PU colleges in Karnataka. Picking the best college can be challenging. In this blog, we will help you pick the best university in 2024 for NEET.

Understanding the NEET Landscape in Mysore

More students from Karnataka have appeared for NEET in recent times than ever. Data shows that the second highest number of NEET applicants were from the Karnataka State Board. If you are a NEET applicant from Karnataka and searching for colleges for NEET exam 2024?  Well, then Mysore has some of the best PU colleges offering top-notch guidance for NEET. Keep reading to know more.

Overview of NEET coaching and PU colleges in Mysore

  • The PU colleges in Mysore are famous all over Karnataka for their NEET coaching.


  • The faculty in most of these colleges are experienced and have a proven track record of helping hundreds of students qualify for NEET.


  • The list below spills the list of the top 5 PU colleges for NEET coaching in Mysore.

Best university in 2024 for NEET in Mysore

1.     SVG Centre of Excellence for PUC

2.     Akash Educational Institute

3.     Base Institute for NEET exam

4.     Vibrant CNM PU college

5.     The Hindu Zone

Recent trends and performance of PU colleges in NEET exams

Enrolling in PU colleges to prepare for NEET paves a successful path for students to clear NEET. Getting help from renowned PU colleges helps students follow a proven approach to NEET preparation. Students often face a time crunch while studying for NEET. PU college courses save them time spent trying and testing things. Students from PU colleges secure a high success rate in NEET.  For instance, in 2023, around 5839 students of Akash Institute cleared NEET in Karnataka. 5 of them were among the top 300 highest scorers across India.

Key factors influencing NEET preparation in Mysore

Mysore has undoubtedly become the home to some of the top colleges for NEET 2024. These colleges have unlocked the code for NEET success, thanks to their comprehensive teaching and various success-centric features. Still, wondering whether to enroll in Mysore’s top PU colleges for NEET preparation? Well, we will give you 5 key reasons responsible for the higher NEET success rate in Mysore’s PU colleges.

Factors influencing NEET preparations in Mysore

  1. Mysore’s top PU colleges have state-of-the-art classrooms complemented with modern teaching tools. These help the faculties to explain complex topics to students in a comprehensive way.
  1. Most of the PU colleges implement audio-visual aids for teaching. These enhance the learning capacity of the students and help them retain their learning for a longer time.
  1. The teachers in Mysore’s PU colleges are highly experienced and skilled. They utilize the latest teaching techniques to impart knowledge to students.
  1. The PU colleges in Mysore provide students with access to a vast collection of academic books, journals, periodicals, and reference material. These assist the students in preparing notes and clearing doubts regarding specific topics.
  1. The holistic educational approach, well-designed laboratories, and proportionate teacher-to-student ratio are some of the special facilities that the PU colleges in Mysore offer.

Top PU Colleges for NEET in Mysore

NEET exam date 2024 will be declared soon. To crack the exam in the first attempt proper guidance is crucial. In this section, we present the top 3 PU colleges for NEET in Mysore.

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College is one of the top 10 PU colleges in Mysore. The college is well known for its student-centric approach. Its management believes that the student is an integral part of the college’s development. Hence the team does their best to offer the best learning experience for students.

Infrastructure and Facilities

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College is the best university in 2024 for NEET preparation in Mysore. Thanks to its infrastructure and facilities, the college should be a top choice for NEET toppers  2024.  Look into the list of infrastructure and facilities offered by the college.

Top infrastructure and facilities at SVG Centre of Excellence PU College

  1. The college has classrooms and laboratories that are equipped with the latest tools and technology to help students get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of competitive exams like NEET
  1. The libraries and study rooms of the college are stacked with study materials, recommended books, and journals for the NEET aspirants to prepare from. The students also get access to eBooks, online journals, and instructional websites free of cost.
  1. The safe and secure residential campus coupled with nutritious dining facilities is a plus for the NEET aspirants

Faculty and Teaching Methodology

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College is graced with a highly experienced and knowledgeable teaching team. The teachers make use of the latest educational tools and audio-visual aids to impart knowledge to students. The college frequently invites guest lecturers to educate the students using modern pedagogical practices. The modern approach to tutoring students helps them grasp the complicated concepts of NEET syllabus 2024 and stay one step ahead of others. Moreover, the use of upgraded techniques like audiovisuals helps students retain their learning.

Track Record in NEET Results

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College has been the Centre of Excellence from the last decade. Their approach to education helps students discover their potential and leverage it. Over the years the college has created a proud history by helping hundreds of students create records by cracking competitive exams like NEET with record marks.

Student Testimonials

SVG proudly presents its student testimonials, to establish its credibility. Take a glimpse into some of them.

Vibrant CNM PU College

Vibrant CNM PU College is a flagship project of Vibrant Academy for Innovative Learning (VAIL). It has some of the best faculties in Karnataka. It is one of the best PU colleges in Mysore. What makes Vibrant CNM PU one of the best? Keep reading to know.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Top infrastructure and facilities at Vibrant CNM PU College

  1. Located in a convenient location, this college is easily accessible.
  1. The college uses state-of-the-art facilities. It has laboratories for separate curriculums like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer that are equipped with the latest requirements and supplies according to the curriculums. Moreover, there are trained laboratory staff to help students.
  1. The NEET students can leverage the ICT boards, LCD projectors, and sound systems present in smart classrooms.
  1. The college has every type of study material (including sample test papers) required for students to clear NEET.

Faculty and Teaching Methodology

Having a group of one of the best NEET faculties in Karnataka, Vibrant CNM PU College is popular for its teaching techniques focused on making students learn. Particularly useful are its well-structured courses that are crafted to guarantee success in competitive exams. The faculties arrange for problem-solving sessions and several weekly and monthly mock tests to help students track their preparation. The motivational and counseling sessions were hosted by IITians and renowned doctors.

Track Record in NEET Results

Over the last 20-plus years, the college has been responsible for the success of hundreds of students in exams like NEET and IITJEE. According to records, the college has produced over 5000 doctors in the last 20 years.

Student Testimonials

The college’s happy students are very satisfied with its coaching and facilities. Here is what some of them have to say.

Sadvidya PU College

The Sadvidya PU College was established in 1999. The institutions gained popularity over the years, thanks to their top-notch facilities, course structure, and expert faculties.  Are you wondering if this college is the best university in 2024 for NEET? Well, let us look at its top features.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Equipped with great facilities and infrastructure, Sadvidya PU College is a great choice for NEET aspirants in Mysore.

Top infrastructure and facilities at Sadvidya PU College

  1. The college is centrally located.  Therefore, it is easily accessible to students, thanks to its transport facilities.
  1. The open areas and the decluttered classrooms create a positive environment for learning. Plus, they have LCD smartboards and green boards to help students’ study.
  1. The teaching techniques are integrated with modern technologies that help students grasp difficult concepts easily. Recently, the college adopted smart thinking and quick-solving techniques in its coaching programs.
  1. The libraries with a lot of books on NEET and state-of-the-art lab facilities help students’ clear competitive exams like NEET. 


Faculty and Teaching Methodology

The college is known for its out-of-the-box and innovative teaching techniques adopted by the teachers. Its experienced faculties have been successful in helping hundreds of students realize their dream of clearing competitive exams like NEET, CLAT, IITJEE, and others. The teachers hold question-and-answer sessions to encourage students to ask questions and boost their inquisitiveness. Moreover, the college has a platform called ‘Pragathi Sadvidya’ with over 2500 recorded videos of practices and theories on NEET preparation.

Track Record in NEET Results

Sadvidya PU College is one of the top-ranking colleges in Pre-university public examinations and competitive exams like NEET.  It has produced countless rank-holders, and state and national toppers in competitive exams including NEET.

Student Testimonials

Students rank Sadvidya PU College as one of the top 2024 NEET colleges. Here are some testimonials from satisfied students.

Comparative Analysis of PU College in Mysore

NEET 2024 exam dates are soon to be declared. To assist you with your preparations we have discussed three top PU colleges in Mysore, in this blog. In this segment, we dig a bit deeper and compare these 3 colleges.

Key factors for comparison

We compare the top 3 PU colleges for NEET preparation in Mysore on the basis of some common factors. We will look into them in the below segments.

The success rate in NEET exams

The success rate adds credibility to an institution. Reading the success story of the alumni the future students become motivated. It also makes it easier for them to trust the institution.


Student Success

SVG Centre of Excellence PU college

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College is one of the best colleges for NEET preparations in Mysore. According to the data displayed on their website, 16 students from the college cleared NEET in 2021.

Vibrant CNM PU College

In the span of the last 20 years around 5000 students have qualified for NEET from Vibrant CNM PU College and become doctors.

Sadvidya PU College

According to the college website, hundreds of students have scored high marks in competitive exams including NEET. The college has gifted 65 distinction holders in PUC exams in 2022-23. Although there is no specific numerical information about NEET, 9 students from the college ranked for KCET exams in 2023.

Faculty expertise and experience

All three PU colleges we discussed have excellent faculties teaching students. All of the teachers are experienced and experts in their fields. They have successfully helped hundreds of students crack NEET exams with their tested teaching techniques. Vibrant CNM PU College often invites ex-IITians and doctors to motivate and guide students.

Infrastructure and resources

All three colleges have state-of-the-art infrastructure, reading resources, and laboratories. While SVG Centre of Excellence PU College and Vibrant CNM PU College have ICT boards and LCD projections for ease of learning, Sadvidya PU College has smart classrooms with LCD boards and green boards for teaching. Each of the colleges has laboratories equipped with modern amenities and is stacked with resources for students. SVG Centre of Excellence PU College provides students access to ebooks, online journals, and websites that help in NEET preparation. Vibrant CNM PU College and Sadvidya PU College also have sufficient study materials for NEET. They even have sample NEET test papers to gauge their preparation.

Fee structure and scholarships

Are you considering enrolling in any of these three colleges we discussed? Well, then you must be keen to know about the fee structure. The table below discusses it in detail.

College Name

Fees Structure

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College

The college offers a PCMB course with integrated NEET and IIT JEE coaching. This is ideal for NEET aspirants. If you are interested in knowing about the fee structure and scholarships feel free to reach out to the college authorities.

Phone: +91 8310481554 /  +91 8884849819


Vibrant CNM PU College

The college offers a dedicated course for NEET aspirants. Contact them to learn about the fee structure


Sadvidya PU College

The college offers training for competitive examinations like CET, NEET, and IITJEE.  Reach out to them to enquire about the course fee.



Alumni success stories

These three colleges have helped many students crack competitive examinations including NEET. Testimonials in the previous sections have vouched for their success. Here are some successful ex-students of the college.

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College

alumni success story of NEET PU college Mysore

Comparison chart or table for easy reference

The table below compares the top 3 PU colleges in Mysore based on a few important indicators.






SVG Centre of Excellence PU college

The NEET students can leverage the ICT boards, LCD projectors, and sound systems present in smart classrooms.

SVG Centre of Excellence PU College provides students access to ebooks, online journals, and websites

The college has state-of-the-art laboratories with modern facilities that are aligned with the curriculum.

Well-experienced and skilled facilities that use modern techniques and equipment to teach the students

Vibrant CNM PU College

The college has modern classrooms equipped with the latest technologies to help students grasp and remember difficult concepts with ease.

The college has a reservoir of study materials for NEET students to use. It also has sample question papers for students to solve.

The college has laboratories that are adequately stacked with supplies and have constant staff assistance.

The college has one of the best NEET faculties in Karnataka.

Sadvidya PU College

Decluttered smart classrooms with LCD boards

The college has libraries with a rich collection of books and question banks to help NEET aspirants in their preparation

The college has separate Physics, Chemistry, and biology laboratories

Professional, experienced, and retired teachers guide the NEET aspirants.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a PU College for NEET

Yes, it is possible to crack NEET in the first go. The only things you need are a good PU college to guide you, a strong grasp of the NEET syllabus 2024, focus, and motivation. But how will you know if a PU college is right for you? Listed below are some factors that you should not miss while considering colleges for NEET 2024.

Location and Accessibility

The location of the college is important as is its accessibility. If the college is located far off from your residence then it will take a lot of time to get there. You might also have to figure out some boarding arrangements near the college to avoid commuting every day. It is better to choose a college that is closer to your home or has a good residential facility like SVG Centre of Excellence PU College. The college must be located in an easily reachable area. You can face inconvenience in traveling to or from the college if it is not well connected by public transportation.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The world is modernizing at a fast pace. Every aspect of our existence is transforming into a new and developed version of itself. Studying in a college with the latest infrastructure and facilities benefits you deeply. Not only will you be able to stay in touch with the latest developments in your field of study but you can also leverage the latest equipment and techniques of learning. A college with good infrastructure and facilities will keep you one step ahead in your NEET. 2024 preparations.

Faculty Credentials

The power of a strong faculty is immeasurable. They are a medium for spreading knowledge. You can have the best teaching facilities and the best study materials but if the teachers fail to impart knowledge properly then everything is useless. But how do you know that a college has good faculty? Here are a few points you must consider.

  • The achievements of the faculty.
  • Educational background of the faculty.
  • Number of years of teaching experience

Success Rate and Past Performance

There are many PU colleges in Mysore. Each claims that they are the best. Do not let words get you carried away. You must check for proof. The success rate of students in an exam is a great indicator of the quality of the college. You can also check the performance of past students. A good performance implies that the college has good faculty and study facilities.

Fee Structure and Scholarships

A college with advanced facilities, experienced faculty, and a high success rate is what every NEET aspirant needs. However, you do not have to break the bank to enroll yourself in a good college. We must do proper research before finalizing a college. You can reach out to enquire about the fee structure and scholarship facilities of these colleges. You can do a comparative analysis including factors like faculty, facilities, and fee structure, and take admission to a college that fits your preference.

Extracurricular Activities and Support Systems

The pressure of studying might take away all the fun from your life. It is true that NEET is a tough exam, but it does not mean you have to sacrifice everything for it. Studying for NEET is an elaborate process. Often students lose motivation and focus while studying. You need to enroll in a college that allows room for extracurricular activities. And it is even better if the college has support groups or motivation sessions for students. Extracurricular activities and support sessions take the burden of the exam off your head and be more productive while studying.

Tips for NEET Preparation in Mysore

NEET is tough to crack. The questions are from moderate to medium difficulty level. Most students fail the exam struggling to complete the NEET syllabus and comprehend difficult topics. In this blog, we will share 4 tips for clearing the NEET exam 2024.

Effective time management

With the right time management strategy, you can easily complete the NEET syllabus 2024, get ample revision, and also make time for the things you love. Here are some time tips for you to effectively manage time.

  • Break down your syllabus into small parts. And set time limits to complete each of these parts. You can even rank them according to priority and start preparing them.
  • You can create a weekly and daily timetable noting your short and long-term goals.
  • You can use modern methods like pomodoro technique to manage time.

Utilizing resources beyond the classroom

Most PU colleges are stocked with ample resources for NEET preparation. The classroom lectures only cover the suggested study materials and hence impart limited knowledge.  So you should go beyond them. While making notes you should utilize the study materials in the library. These will help you get an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

Mock tests and self-assessment

While your NEET preparations have you ever wanted to evaluate your progress? Well, you must. Mock tests and self-assessments are the best ways of evaluating your preparation. Giving mock examinations helps you identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses. You can then focus on improving the concepts in which you have difficulty. Moreover, giving mock exams helps you familiarize yourself with the exam environment and the pattern of the exam paper. Mock tests save you from the tension you face in the actual tension hall.

Mental and physical well-being during preparation

You will not be able to focus on NEET preparations if you are not mentally or physically fit. It is important that you focus on your health while studying for the exam. A strong mind and a healthy body help you study comfortably. Moreover, a well-functioning brain helps you retain your learning. You should eat nutritious brain food to take care of your body and brain. On the other hand, getting ample sleep and staying tension-free are crucial for strong mental health.


In this blog, we evaluated the top 3 PU colleges of Mysore for NEET 2024. We studied several factors like the college’s facilities, faculties, and success rates for these colleges to you decide. We have further discussed some key factors that any exam aspirant must consider before enrolling in a PU college. We would put some extra stress on factors like college location, faculty, alumni success, and mock test facilities in the college before making a decision. Luckily, SVG Centre of Excellence PU College in Mysore ticks all these boxes. We understand NEET preparation can feel overwhelming. Worry not! The right guidance can help you realize your dream of becoming a doctor. We wish you all the luck for NEET 2024! We are sure you can do it.

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