Ever wondered...what inspires the inventions , new ideas !! Or even some technology!? 


The natural creations of nature are thousand steps ahead in comparison to the inventions done by our scientists.As they say “Nature have all the answers " . Nature do inspires us to get new ideas ! Thus the science that studies nature's models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems is BIOMIMICRY. We can simply say it's Innovation inspired by nature.

Today Biomimicry and it's simple and efficient solutions have a wide range of applications in technology covering fields such as medicine, energy, aeronautics and advanced materials. 

A simplest example would be the wing design and flight mechanism of aircraft is inspired by birds and dragon fly.

Here are few more examples to give you an idea of what Biomimicry is... 

I.During the early 90s the Japanese high speed bullet train created a Sonic BOOM!! sound.. when exiting a tunnel because of air pressure. Eiji Nakatsu, an engineer and a bird lover was inspired by Kingfisher's beak , which is able to dive into the water at greater speed with almost no friction, to create a new design. That's how the modern bullet train which is more efficient and quieter was born. 

II.Humpback whales are the best swimmers, divers and jumpers in the ocean. What contributes to this? Like an airplane, the whale’s fins are its wings, unique because of the bump protrusions on the fins, called tubercles.The efficiency at which a whale can swim has inspired serrated-edge wind turbines; turbines that themselves are far quieter and efficient than the smooth blades that are more commonly known.

III.Velcro is found on everything today from astronaut suits to children shoes. The sticky material was inspired by the way plant burrs stick to dogs hair. In 1941 George Mestral looked at the burrs under the microscope and noticed they contain hundreds of tiny hooks that catch on loops of hair or clothing. He developed a material based on this and called it Velcro

IV.We generally think of termites as destroying buildings. But the EASTGATE CENTER, in Harare , Zimbabwe has an internal climate control system which stays cool without air conditioning and uses only 10% of energy of a conventional building of the same size , originally inspired by structure of termite mounds.Like wise ,

Nature hides the secrets within itself !!Need an innovative mind to explore it !!

Amulya N.S


Department of Biology